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Litter Pick 8 October 2016

Cheryl Allen of the Leatherhead Residents' Association has invited other groups involved in solving litter issues to join in a litter pick to address the build-up of litter around the town. She says: "I am sending this appeal to my most dedicated litter pickers only. Unfortunately there is too much litter around in spite of all of our efforts. Some people have pointed out areas that need some attention. If you would like to select an area to spend some time on, we will have equipment available in room 3G of the Letherhead Institute. Hilary Porter will be on hand to provide gloves, sacks, vests and pickers. I think that we might be able to deliver some equipment if it arrives on time. Please let me know if you are able to participate. Best wishes Cheryl" If you can help, email via this site and we will send you Cheryl's email address. Thank you. Chairman Lucy Quinnell is definitely participating and has some spare litter grabbers and sacks.

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